About City Soccer

City Soccer programs came from unusual circumstances. We were forced to think in a different way, design programs to work for everyone, and on very little resources.

At the heart is understanding people play for many reasons, and the reasons change over time—from year-to-year or even day-to-day. All the reasons people need the game can be met at local play-spaces.

Local sport has many stakeholders. There are players, families, coaches, and clubs, while communities, associations, businesses and governing bodies also lean on sport in different ways. All interests in the game can be satisfied, aligned through well-designed programming at local playing fields.

City Soccer is an ideal supplement to playing with a competitive club. Programs are designed to attend when it suits your schedule. Develop and advance at your own pace and time. The burden—of time, money, and miles—is reduced. Choice, convenience, and quality are improved.

The City Soccer model improves the way playing fields serve people and communities. The results are measurable, across a wide range of impact-areas.

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