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The programs City Soccer model offer a lifetime of participation for all ages and ability levels.

The model is unique, because of the circumstances from which it came and the environment in which it was developed. During the rebuilding a major city after a natural disaster, people need sport programs to do a little more.

Design & development has continued for over a decade.  By working closely with all the major stakeholders in local sport, the interests and needs of all have been built in. The original “pilot” programs and facilities continue to operate for Research & Development at Unite The Game Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to share the solutions with others.

Each program serves different reasons for playing. There are many reasons people play…and coach. Each program has been shaped to satisfy all points of view: participants, families, coaches, teams, organizations, communities, associations, and governing bodies. Bringing the programs to a local area aligns of all these stakeholders. The model a very effective tool to address problems on all scales. All united by offering the programs at local play-spaces.

The programs-framework is adaptable and transferable to any local area. A good fit is found through Unite The Game Foundation’s Planning process. The programs are guaranteed to match a local area and operating organization, improving both in the process.

With the City Soccer model, Unite The Game has produced a formula for bringing people together in an athletic community that naturally serves and solves problems in critical ways.

Local play-spaces are maximized; broad benefits and impacts follow naturally.

City Soccer Team

City Soccer TEAM is a program focused on performance, against local or non-local opposition. League-play, Cup-play, or calendar of friendlies, work well in the TEAM format.

The TEAM program is the highest in the model, and looks more like the traditional club or academy team. The program resolves several problems for amateur or semi-pro sides, where a livable wage is not being paid to players. The rest of the model can be seen as an infrastructure beneath the TEAM program.

Elite local programs often operate under tight constraints—funds, time, or space. Outreach is seldom considered for the elite level, yet major hurdles and costs often exist. TEAM is a way to build and sustain an elite team on a limited budget. Seasoned adults and promising young talent can line up together, regardless of where anyone is in their career. The program covers them all. 

Using the TEAM program with the rest of the City Soccer model provides stability and sustainability for a club. More can be grown at home.

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Open Academy

Open Academy is a program designed for individual and group development. Education and graduation is made simple and accessible for all levels—of player, coach, or parent. 

Technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial mastery is delivered through activities and games that flow. A solid foundation is built over time and regular attendance. Needs change with age, but the need for development never ends. Open Academy ensures a quality environment and proper instruction are always available, affordable, and convenient. Staff are always on hand guide, explain, and demonstrate.

The format is rigorously tested and is highly effective to resolve issues found in the American system—related to under-service, attrition, expense, education, space and reliable information—particularly in urban areas. Graduation in Open Academy can occur at all times, and players can easily connect or move on to other programs in the model.

Through Open Academy, the promise of the future is always in the right hands—your own. Simply turn up and get with the program.

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Open Play

Anyone can access to play in fun, free-flowing games for with others of a similar level.

Several developmental purposes are served, without compromising the reason people love to get together and just play. The program is a natural step up from street soccer or pick-up play—at the same location or anywhere nearby.

Open Play is an ideal supplement to a player’s week. Join in a quality environment. Simple service, development, and feedback are naturally built right in.

Fundamental and principle guidance is provided by the program leaders. It is an opportunity for any player to play and learn at their limits; to build better habits and prepare for tactical thinking elsewhere.

Days and times are offered throughout the week—so players, coaches, families to realize major benefits on their own time. Organizations and associations see impact in areas of access for all, attrition and other critical issues.

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Open Out

Open Out is outreach programming designed to offer benefit to participants, or to raise awareness and funds for a cause.

City Soccer has identified three effective approaches to outreach. All outreach program typically fit under at least one, which can be at or away from a primary facility. City Soccer programs are designed to be built around existing programs in a club model or community.

To ensure the fit, design has taken place alongside many great initiatives—including US Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success, America Scores, Special Olympics, and Autism All-Stars—around New Orleans, New York, California, Washington DC as well as cities in Europe.

Including others in designs helps ensure all can be included.

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City Soccer Pools

Pools is a program designed for advanced player development.

Mastering a craft means doing it often, but also having access to a suitable environment and people that can push their ability. The more a player or group improve, the more difficult that environment is to find.

Traditional local formats are often not enough. Maintaining an elite environment and lifestyle becomes unlikely or expensive, particularly for latter-teens and adults. For elite local amateur or semi-pro level talent, teams on a tight budget without livable wages, the Pools program solves many notable dilemmas.

Pools makes a way for players and groups in a suitable and stable environment, and gives way for a top Team to shape itself in a healthy and sustainable way. The program is designed expressly eliminate typical problems for elite players, coaches and groups, creating an uninhibited local path.

Pools fill in where low-cost, quality programs are needed for talented players and high-level environments. Improvement should never be expensive, let alone prohibitive. 

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City Soccer Leagues

City Soccer Leagues is a program designed for amateur players and teams to get what they really want.

Consumer preferences and lifestyles are always changing, as technology plays an increasing role. Products, services, and experiences, and behaviors reshape across all industries. Customization brings an increasing desire for flexible alternatives and immediate results, sometimes on an individual level. As things change, consumers are often less willing or able to commit. Leagues are no different. Enrollments shift—more individuals needs to make a team—and often fall. It is a trend clearly observable in traditional approaches to league-style play. 

Players and teams no longer attend in the same way. New behaviors— “Game tonight at 7:30…Who’s in?…IN…IN…OUT…IN…OUT” — bring new considerations for league and teams management. Unite The Game Research shows how consumers are changing and participants are falling off—at what points and why. However, many also enjoy a format of League which better suits what the adult amateur player wants in a program. 

League management becomes far easier. Trends of attrition and poor attendance are reversed. Along side more suitable formats for some purposes for playing, the traditional formats clean up and improve!

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City Soccer Schools

City Soccer Schools is a program adapted from careful studies of school soccer program at all ages and over a long period of time, both at and away from City Soccer facilities. The program is designed to address many major barriers. 

Schools aids in several ways schools tend to find difficulty in providing soccer and sport activities to students. It is designed to address many major problems, faced not only by the school itself, but for families to establish connection to soccer and to continue growing the game. The problems commonly faced by teams, coaches, players, refs, and organizers are removed. The result is a simple means for schools to offer the game and for players and families to establish connection with the local pathway, in order to continue enjoying and growing the game. Any school near a City Soccer Schools program now has an easy way to offer a quality soccer experience to students and families.

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City Soccer Sounds

Sounds is a program designed for demonstration, generating interest in the game and improving technique in a fun way through music, rhythm, and skill with a ball.

Moving with rhythm means total control of the body and ball. Coordinating an orchestra of players in thought and action is not only great fun and exercise, but lays the groundwork for properly playing the game. Inclusive sessions and impressive demonstrations anyone can enjoy. Impromptu or planned, at school or in the street…anywhere in the city…

Catch eyes, ears and the spirit of the game by soundly moving the body, mind, and ball.

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City Soccer Card

Connecting the Field to Residents & Resident-businesses

City Soccer pulls together a community around the game; incorporating community organizations and businesses, as well as residents who may not have an interest to play.

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City Soccer Social

The backbone of all long-standing sport clubs is a critical social pillar.

At the center of any sport club over 100 years old is a social venue and gathering place. Visiting countless clubs, as well as operating such spaces over an 18-month period, the social backbone of the City Soccer model has been formed.

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Designed over fifteen years and from circumstances of total need; developed with understanding by taking the view from many key perspetives; arriving at the design of programs that solve many problems for many perspetives; assembling a model that can be adaptively and practically applied multiple areas: HEALTHCARE, ECONOMIC, EVIRONMENTAL, COMMUNITY, ORGANIZATION, & PLAYER DEVELOPMENT

The City Soccer model is aligned with the UN framework for Sustainable Development Goals; with the WHO/UEFA joint study of Social Return On Investment in community football programming; with numerous national and municipal frameworks for social service and community well-being.

The (City Soccer) model is an ideal approach for social determinants of health in communities…planning, delivering, and measuring outcomes through sport.


The model is also highly effective for competitive player, club, and population development.

Open Academy, alone, is a force for players and coaches to learn and develop. By combining the programs with other opportunities, an incredible model for developing players and coaches becomes available across the local area. When all have access and none are held back, the difference is powerful. Results on the field are proof.