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How play-spaces are used is critical.

Every field is a hub for the community, not only for exercising and socializing, but for the the circulation and stir it can bring to the area.

The City Soccer model improves the way playing fields serve and impact a community.

There are many reasons that people play. Reasons also change over the years, or even from day to day. Each program serves the different reasons people play.

The model is unique because of the circumstances from which it came. Rebuilding a major city after a natural disaster means people need programming in all sorts of ways. We have a field…how can we help? Design & development has continued for over a decade.

There are many interests in local sports. Players, families, coaches, and clubs, but also communities, associations, governing bodies and businesses. All of these stakeholders can be aided and aligned by well designed programs at a local play-space.

The model can work in any local area. It is adaptable. Mix and match programs along side a schedule of existing activities. The right local framework is found through the Planning process offered by Unite The Game Foundation.

When local play-spaces and people are maximized, critical benefits and impacts follow.

City Soccer Team

TEAM is a program focused on Performance.

The TEAM program is where the model meets a traditional club or academy team.

The TEAM program and the POOL program work well together. Using both solves many common problems suffered by competitive amateur and semi-pro clubs—where a livable wage is not being paid to the players. Elite programming often operates under tight constraints of time, space, and funding. This often hinders the development or assembly of players. Many hurdles exist at these levels. The TEAM program provides stability and sustainability for elite groups on a limited budget, or to simply improve the model or business of the club.

The programs under the TEAM program can be seen a complete infrastructure.

More can be grown at home.

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Open Academy

Open Academy is a program designed for individual development in groups, as the game must be played. Technical, physical, mental conditioning are available and round out to leave a player prepared for tactics in the bigger game. Through Open Academy, education and graduation is made simple and accessible for all players and coaches.

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Open Play

Open Play allows players and coaches access to fun and free-flowing play, including dynamic warm up with a ball followed by games with other players of a similar level.

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Open Out

Open Out is outreach programming designed to offer benefit to participants, or to raise awareness and funds for a cause.


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City Soccer Pools

Pools is a program designed for advanced player development. Players are typically  invited to join a Pool after showing good performance—either graduating from Core City Soccer programs (Open Academy, Open Play, Leagues, Schools) or after being seen somewhere in the community. 

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City Soccer Leagues

City Soccer Leagues is a program designed for amateur players and teams to get what they really want.

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City Soccer Schools

City Soccer Schools is a program adapted from careful studies of school soccer program at all ages and over a long period of time, both at and away from City Soccer facilities. The program is designed to address many major barriers. 

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City Soccer Sounds

Sounds is a program designed for having fun and generating interest in the game, but also improving technical ability, coordination, and rhythm through music and a ball.

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City Soccer Card

Connecting the Field to Residents & Resident-businesses

City Soccer pulls together a community around the game; incorporating community organizations and businesses, as well as residents who may not have an interest to play.

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City Soccer Social



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Designed over fifteen years, starting with a uniquely valuable circumstance of total need, and assembling a model that can be adapted and used by others.

Developed with careful consideration and understanding many key stakeholders in local sport, arriving at simple program-designs that solve several problems from each perspective.


It is an ideal approach for social determinants of health in communities, through sport.


The model is also highly effective for competitive player, club, and population development.

Open Academy, alone, is a force for players and coaches to learn and develop. By combining the programs with other opportunities, an incredible model for developing players and coaches becomes available across a local area.

When all have access and none are held back, the difference is powerful. The proof is on the field.