Open Programs

A staple of soccer in New Orleans for over a decade, attended by players across the city to play and develop together…

Open Academy is a great way to develop technical ability and build physical and mental stamina needed for a full match. The curriculum is rooted in critical principles of play that help young players better understand the game and their role on the field. Young players who regularly attend Open Academy  often turn out to be top local players at ages 16-20. This has been a long-standing trend within the city’s soccer landscape.

In the game, the term Open Play formally refers to a period of play in which the ball is in play and the game is ongoing—as opposed to set pieces such as free kicks, corner kicks, or throw-ins—when players are free to move around the field. This is the focus of the Open Play program, building better habits for players and groups in the run of play!

Open Programs ensure that highly effective training is available for everyone. Through the years, the trend has been that top players in the city are also regulars at the Open Academy & Open Play.

Open Programs provide solutions for all players, whether or not you play with a club.

  • Hone Technical & Physical Ability as well as Tactical Understanding
  • Improve Match-Intelligence & Valuable Principles of Play
  • Challenge Yourself With Others Who Are At & Above Your Level
  • Attend All Year Long, As You Wish

Questions about Camps & Extra Training?

Please reach out to, or call us at 504-444-7414

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