Camps & Extra Training

Camps are offered at our facilities seasonally, Summer and Winter. Our camps are known for being highly technical and for teaching players to better see and understand the game, to improve decision-making and movements, to play more intelligently in general.

Extra Training can be arranged with City Soccer coaches at the facilities, as well. Individuals and small groups are able to work with a trainer while attending the usual City Soccer sessions, which is cost-effective and highly recommended. Or, players can get extra training privately at the field.

Camps & Personalized Extra Training

  • All Camps feature a progressive curriculum
  • Highly beneficial for technical, tactical, physical, & mental development
  • Extra training includes having a City Soccer coach work exclusively with you at one of the Open Programs.

Questions about Camps & Extra Training?

Please reach out to, or call us at 504-444-7414.

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